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Over the last few months, there has been much speculation surrounding Google+, whether Google were planning to change Google+, revamp it or even abandon the service altogether. The latter of these rumors seems to be the result of reports suggesting the number of users generated by Google+ is lower than Google wants or should be. Well, in spite of all the negative reports about Google+, more recently, speculation has been growing about a new feature which was about to land and dubbed "Collections". The idea was thought to be a feature which allows users to follow a specific thing instead of a group or a person. As such, a Collection could be built around anything (beer, games, chicken fried rice recipes or images of David Hasselhoff) and users could subscribe to that collection alone. Likewise, users could also start their own collection containing links, images, videos and so on.

After the initial rumored reports, a few days back came the news that it looked like the feature was beginning to roll out. This was on the back of an update which had been sent out to Google+. However, very few people were noting any interaction or availability of the feature following the initial update. Well, if you had thought that you might have to wait until Wednesday for the next Google update for the feature to be fully available, it would seem you do not have to. This is because the feature is now rolling out properly this morning and you should be able to see the feature already available on your own Google+ account. As a quick reminder, to see if the feature is live, head to your main Google+ page and hover over "Home". Once you see the drop down menu appear, if the feature is live for you, then you will see the "Collections" tab listed (like in the first image below).


So, it seems the speculation is over and all has now been revealed about the new feature. As expected, you can follow communities based on a single idea or concept. Not to mention, these are split into three categories. The first is "Featured", which as the name suggests are highlighted and cherry picked collections that may interest you. The second is "Following" and based on groups or people you already follow. While the third group is "Yours" and is based on collections you might have created. To create a Collection is easy. Simply click on Collections and it will give you the option to create one. From here, you can name the Collection, choose who it is shared with (Public, Your Circles, Only You or Custom) and you can also edit the Collection after it has gone live.

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