Google Announce Improved Offline Maps Coming This Year

May 28, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While today’s announcement from Google’s I/O event have circulated around newer products and services like Android M, Android Pay and Google Photos, that does not mean that there were not important announcements coming through for the more veteran Google features, services and apps. In fact, one of those which has now been commented on is the Google navigational tool, Google Maps.

While Maps is one of the more fundamental and widely used Google services, it has been missing suitable and effective offline use. To be clear, Maps is usable in an offline mode, but as with many things that go offline, many of its staple and best features and abilities are greatly reduced or non-existent. Well, during today’s announcement, Google have confirmed that a much more functional offline use of Maps is en route. In fact, it will be here before the end of this year. As such, with the newly enhanced offline Maps there will be some very helpful additions. Of course, the biggest and most noteworthy addition, will be the ability to make use of turn by turn directions while offline. This means that without a data connection, users will still be able to make use of Maps in all its glory. This will include using voice commands during turn by turn navigation. However, that is not all, In addition to offline turn by turn directions, Google has also confirmed that Maps in offline mode will offer users the option to get on-the-fly information on places. For instance, without a data connection, pull up additional information like restaurant reviews, shop opening hours and so on.

This new more functional offline mode for Maps will be a great benefit to those who regularly enter low-quality data areas or for those who just tend to use their apps in a more offline manner. However, although Google confirmed that the newly improved offline mode will become available later on in the year, there were no specific details on when exactly. Either way though, Maps, like so many other Google features and services are seeing some massive improvements this year.

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