Gmail Updated With Improved Non-Gmail Accounts And Contacts

AH Google gmail Logo 1.0

As it is mid-week, the Google news is starting to come in thicker now. Today has already seen a couple of announcements coming down the wire. Earlier, Google announced an update to Google Fit with better Wear functionality including new Wear face and widget. Not to mention, there has also been an update arriving for both the Google Docs and Slides apps. The latter update includes a much-improved ability to edit and include images in documents and presentations while on the go and all from the user’s mobile device.

The next Google offering to see an update arriving is the Gmail app for android. In terms of what’s on offer, it seems this update will bring a couple of improvements to the general functionality of the email app. Not to mention, the Google announcement suggests that these newer features are based on user feedback. In terms of the features, the first and probably most notable aspect of the update is related to the contact avatars which are displayed in Gmail. After the update, it seems by clicking on those avatars now displays much more information on the contact. This additional viewable information includes contact details, conversations, recent Google+ information as well as other bits and pieces.

The next notable feature included in the update seems to be improvements to non-Gmail accounts. Now, Google has not specified as to what these improvements will be, however, a brief teardown from Android Police seems to suggest that one of the features which is likely to be included is the ability to set automated vacation responses for the non-Gmail addresses. Not to mention, the teardown also shows that an unsubscribe function looks set to be activated soon enough. As per usual, the update is in the process of rolling out and will land on devices soon enough. That said, if you want to grab your copy of the latest version then you can by hitting the link below. Alternatively, you can hit the source link at the bottom of the page to read the full details of the Gmail update in today’s Google announcement.

Download Gmail 5.2.93061572