Galaxy S6 Edge Gets Shot And Captured In 4K And Slow Mo

May 13, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Destroying brand new devices seems like a fun job to do, although they might be a little painful to watch. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy them just to have them smashed by various objects, scratch their screens or put them into water until they stop working. Fortunately, there are some users that actually can afford to do this and record it on video, for all of us watching those videos, we can witness the build quality and endurance of the devices in reality and not just in theory and even more interesting are those videos that compare these aspects of two or more devices.

Samsung upgraded the build quality of their flagships this year with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge using a textured metal frame around the device and Gorilla Glass 4 in the front and back of both smartphones. Of course, the Galaxy S6 Edge is even more interesting because the glass on the front curves on the sides along with the screen. While we know that the materials used are more durable, I’d be willing to bet that no device could survive after being shot with a pistol.

Unbox Therapy got famous because of their videos showing the aluminum chassis of the iPhone 6 Plus being bent on camera and now they are willing to show in super slow motion and in 4K resolution nonetheless, what happens when the Galaxy S6 Edge gets shot with a Desert Eagle. The quality of the video is really nice. It starts with the introduction of the stars of the video, the gun and the smartphone which is being cleaned to show it is shiny and brand new. Then the gun gets loaded just to show something bad is about to happen and the glass of the front and back of the phone gets covered by a carbon fiber skin from dbrand. Finally, the Galaxy S6 Edge gets shot right in the middle and all of its pieces are shown flying around and the sound effects are actually pretty cool too. So head into the source to check out the video.