Featured: Top Apps Of The Week - 05/17/15

We don't always see a large quantity of applications get released every week, not the ones worth looking at anyway, but here is a list of apps which hit Android this week which should definitely be kept in mind by users.


Livescribe+ is finally available to all users out of a preview status, and that means Android users can now use the Livescribe 3 smart pen for all sorts of things. If you plan on picking up one of the Livescribe 3 pens, you'll need this app.

Livescribe Link

This is more or less a companion app to Livescribe + up above, and you'll need it to connect your Android device to the Livescribe 3 smart pen so you can use the Livescribe + application.

HTC Service - DLNA

This is strictly for HTC device users, but now that the app is finally in the Play Store, owners of HTC devices can expect to have access to updates for new features and/or improvements when they come down the pipeline and not have to wait for OTA software updates.


Bleep isn't technically a new application, as it was previously available in the Play Store in an Alpha status. It is however newly launched to the Play Store out of Alpha status and is now a fully released app in its final state. Bleep is all about secure messaging between users from the makers of BitTorrent.


HTC Car is yet another HTC device specific application which made it into the Play Store this week. It's basically an application for HTC device users to present an easy-to-use car interface with huge buttons and limited functionality of apps and services. Now that it's in the Play Store, users will be able to update the app much faster.

A5 Browser

A5 browser is a new mobile browser aimed at bringing users an extremely light experience without any frills or over the top features. Its main goal is giving users a fast browsing experience, nothing more. It does have a few useful features though.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft's new application called Hyperlapse launched in beta earlier this past week, and while it isn't immediately available in the Play Store, you can get access to it on your own device by joining the beta community on Google+. The app helps you smooth out your Timelapse videos and photos, and hopefully will be launching fully onto the Play Store in the near future.

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