Featured: Top 10 Tennis Apps For Android – 5/15/15

Tennis AH

As the yearly tennis circuit is well underway, now seems a good time to take a quick look at the various tennis apps that are available for android device owners. Whether you are interested in improving your own game or simply looking to make sure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest happenings from the pro circuit, there are a number of great apps to try. Below are ten android apps that you might want to consider downloading.

Tennis Training

FitivityServing up today’s first app is Fitivity. Tennis Training is a handy little app which will provide those looking to improve their tennis skills and techniques with hints, tips and additional features to help improve their game.


Tennis Temple – Bªta

Tennis Temple - BªtaTennis Temple is actually one of the newest apps on the list and as the name suggests, is currently in a Beta mode. That said, this one looks to offer a condensed overview of the Pro Tennis stats, figures and up-to-date information. If you are interested in the goings-on in the Pro Tennis circuit, then this might be the app to try.


Tennis Score Keeper

Tesnnis Score KeeperTennis Score Keeper needs little explaining as the function is simple and yet an app you will want if you routinely play tennis. This is a score keeping app and will make sure you are fully informed on all your personal results and statistics to provide a better overview of your game.


Tennis Wallpapers

WallpapersAs per usual, no app list can be complete without wallpapers. With that in mind, Tennis Wallpapers will provide all the still image tennis inspired wallpapers you will need.



Tennis Power & Athleticism

Fitivity2Tennis Power & Athleticism is another app brought to you by Fitivity, the developers behind the first app (Tennis Training) on this list. In fact, this app seems to work in conjunction with Tennis Training and looks to provide details on how you can best improve your fitness away from the court, with a view to improving your on-court game.


BetHelp Tennis

BetHelp TennisBetHelp Tennis is another new app on the app scene but does provide an interesting take on tennis. Whether you bet in real life or are just interested in how Pro Tennis players are performing, this app looks to predict the winners of Pro matches based on their prior and current performance.


Virtual Tennis Challenge

Virtual tennisIf you are in need of a decent Tennis game to play when away from the court, then you won’t find much better than Virtual Tennis Challenge. This is one of the most popular tennis games available on Android and with good reason. Brought to you by Sega this app will offer the ability to get your tennis fix and even play against your favorite tennis players.


Tennis Live Scores & News +


This app does focus much more on the US Open than anything, however, it also does provide additional information that Tennis fans might enjoy long after the US Open has come to an end. This app has been around for awhile but has now been updated for the current season and US Open.


Tennis Live Wallpaper

Live WallpapersA wallpaper app has already been offered on this list, however, if you are after a more interactive tennis wallpaper app then Tennis Live Wallpaper is worth a download. This one seems to only have one live wallpaper but it is one which consists of a tennis court and a number of tennis balls coming at the screen. What’s more, the wallpaper has a slight game edge to it, thanks to the ability to clear the balls by tapping on them.



ATPClosing out today’s list is an app which will provide you with all the coverage you will need to follow the Pro Tennis circuit. This app will provide you with all the scores from all the competitions taking place during the tennis calendar. It has received some criticism for its dated look, but if you want an app full of tennis scores and up to date information, then this will be the one to go for.