Featured: Top 10 Stylus Drawing Apps for Android

Top 10 Stylus Drawing AH 01

With Android tablets and smartphones offering such high-resolution displays, and touchscreens now more accurate than we’d have ever imagined even three or four years ago, it’s easier than ever to draw on Android. If you’ve invested in a decent stylus, or you have a Galaxy Note device of some kind, then you’ll no doubt be looking for an app to take advantage of your equipment. Our list of Top 10 Stylus Drawing Apps for Android should offer you just that.

Infinite Painter

Infinite PainterInfinite Painter is a great option for those looking to create something similar to what you’d create using canvas. It’s packed full of different colors and different brush options, as well as Classroom to teach you how to use the app, as well as basic drawing techniques. It also has support for NVIDIA’s DirectStylus technology and the interface is easy to use and straightforward, too.



Draw for Kids

Draw for kidsNot everything needs to be super-complicated and full of options, and Draw for Kids is an app that gets that. Sure, it’s designed for little ones and in that regard it works well; it’s very simple and the colors look like water-based paints. However, I’m sure there are more than a few adults here that would like something nice and simple to play around with. Great for kids, good for beginners and low-maintenance, this is a decent option.



Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBookOkay, so you’re a “professional” are you? Then you’ll need some proper tools while on the go, and AutoDesk’s SketchBook app offers just that. There are more options here than you can shake a paintbrush at here, and while that might be overwhelming for some, hardcore illustrators should love this. Many of them will already have this installed, but if not, there’s a slew of features that make this viable to create commercial work. Like guidelines, many, many different brushes and methods as well as zoom up to 2500%



Bamboo Paper

Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper is a tablet-only application that offers all sorts of users fairly simple, yet accurate tools for drawing or sketching while on the move. You can have multiple sketchbooks on the go at once, and while it seems a little simple, it’s from Wacom so you know that there’s some great work going on behind the scenes here and it is very precise. They even sell their own range of tablets that work with this and all other apps like a treat.



How to Draw cartoons

How to Draw cartoonsRegardless of how good your stylus is, or how good the apps you’re using are, if you don’t know how to draw, then you won’t be creating anything worth looking at. This is a neat little app that offers up step-by-step directions on drawing cartoon characters, which is something I’m sure everyone can enjoy. Plus, it very neatly displays that the majority of figures are put together using a number of different shapes and that’s an excellent lesson to learn.



Painter Mobile

Painter MobilePainter Mobile is cut from the same cloth as Corel’s Painter for Desktop machines and the above is just one example of something great that can be made using Painter Mobile. For aspiring artists, there’s many a tool to transform images as well as create using all sorts of color and different paint methods. Plus, there’s the ability to transfer projects to the Desktop version when you’re back in the studio as well as PNG or PSD exporting, too.



Drawing Desk:Draw Paint Sketch

Drawing Desk-Draw Paint SketchDrawing Desk:Draw Paint Sketch is something that’s in between the simpler apps and those professional style apps. For those wanting something a little more advanced, but in no hurry to learn how an app works before drawing anything, this sits in the middle. It’s got a lot of options and different methods, but they’re all easily accessed and nothing is taken too seriously. Overall, a good app for intermediate levels, and a nice progression from something simple to something much more advanced.



SketchBook Ink

SketchBook InkAutodesk has a number of different apps available on Android, but SketchBook Ink is one of the few that stands out. If you’re more interested in creating comic-style artwork or something more modern, then this is the app for you. It features many of the things that make other Autodesk apps quite so formidable and while it is a paid app, it’s well worth it for those looking for a particular art style.


Sketch Kit – Drawing App

Sketch Kit - Drawing App

Sketch Kit – Drawing App is a nice blend of many things. It’s a neat way of sharing things with others, it can offer you a way to modify photos and, of course, create your own work, as well. It’s not the most comprehensive drawing app available, but it has a lot going for it outside of that, and it’s worth trying out.


ArtFlow – Paint & Sketchbook

ArtFlow - Paint & SketchbookJust look at that image above, does that, or does that not look stunning? Of course, a lot of that is down to the artist, but ArtFlow – Paint & Sketchbook has a lot on offer for those looking to create big things. Chief among them being the ability to use massive canvas sizes up to 4096 x 4096, great tools to keep everything straight and aligned along with all sorts of other tips and tricks. You can export things to PSD format as well, to truly make the most of your creations.