Featured: Top 10 ROM Manager Apps For Android

Rom manager

Whether new to ROMs or a veteran flasher, apps which can make the process of installing ROMs or managing your increasing growing number of ROMs easier, will also be welcomed. That said, ROM management can be understood in many different ways. As well as apps which can just manage your ROMs for you, another way to manage them is to manage the backups of ROMs you have made in the past. As such, this list will look to highlight ten apps which overall make the process of dealing with ROMs, backups, nandroids and the likes, much easier. It is worth noting though, most of these are root only apps, so make sure you background read on each app before installing.

ROM Manager

Rom ManagerKicking off today’s list is one of the most well-known options. ROM Manager comes from the developer behind ClockworkMod recovery and as such works quite neatly with CWM. However, on top of the CWM compatibility, ROM Manager does offer a great option for managing your ROMs and OSes. With the ability to install ROMs from your SD card or from OTA updates.


TWRP Manager (ROOT)

TWRPWhile CWM is one of the most popular backing up tools, TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) is another. As such, it should not be a surprise for the TWRP Manager app to make this list. This app offers the ability to backup, wipe and install all of your saved ROM backups and easily flip from ROM to ROM. A great option for those who prefer to use TWRP for all their ROM needs.


MultiROM Manager

MultiROMThose who are already well versed in flipping between ROMs will be very familiar with MultiROM. Besides, having a very self-explanatory name, MultiROM is an excellent option for those who are not so confident in flashing and installing ROMs, manually. MultiROM removes most of the hard work and allows for an easy all-in-one method to changing your ROM on a frequent basis. Make sure to check your device compatibility before using though.


Rashr – Flash Tool

RashrRashr is not exactly a ROM manager tool, but instead is best thought of as a recovery manager tool. As such, it is one worth noting and including on the list, as the app is another one of those essential apps for those who plan to swap ROMs or recoveries on a regular basis. Definitely an app which highlights you need to know what you are doing before using.


CM Downloader

CM DownloaderAgain, this app should need little introduction or explanation. CM (CyanogenMod) is one of the most popular alternative ROMs available and seems to have the highest number of users. With that in mind and for those interested in CyanogenMod, this app will make sure your version of CyanogenMod stays up to date.


Nandroid Manager

Nandroid ManagerIf you are unsure as to what a Nandroid is, then this is probably not the app for you. For those more familiar with nandroids, Nandroid Manager is a great tool to help users easily manage multiple nandroids. Have a different nandroid backup for different ROMs? Switching between the ROMs? Then this might be worth a download.


Rom Manager Janitor

ROM JanitorIf you are a user who constantly switches ROMs and backs up constantly, then Rom Manager Janitor is a tool which will help you keep your ROM management a bit cleaner and more efficient. The app is able to delete your old backups and generally keep your most up-to-date backups in use and ready to go.

Flashify (for root users)

FlashifyWhether you are flashing (installing) a ROM, recovery or backup, Flashify is a great tool to make the whole process easier. With a name like Flashify, it seems obvious what the app will do and it does do exactly what it is supposed to. Flashify offers the ability to flash zip files, boot or recovery images all with ease. Great all in one option for those who want it.


ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM ToolboxROM Toolbox Lite is one of the more long-standing and popular options for ROM management. With good reason too. This is a great all-in-one solution which offers the ability to install different ROMs or themes with little effort. Not to mention, this one offers the ability to manage your backups as well.


ROM Installer

ROM InstallerClosing out today’s list is ROM installer. Now, this one is actually brought to you by the same developer behind ROM Toolbox Lite. However, in contrast to the other option, this one is much more focused on ROM installation with a vast number of compatible ROM’s on offer. If you are interested in a fully all-in-one solution, then maybe the Toolbox is right for you. If you are looking for a more concentrated installer app, then this one is worth a try.