Featured: Top 10 Job Search Apps For Android

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In recent times, the economy has been somewhat inconsistent to say the least. This has resulted in many people needing to find a new job, a second job or just more hours elsewhere. Whatever the reason, if you are in the market for a new job then there are android apps which can help. Below is a quick list of ten apps which might make the frustrating task of finding a new job a little easier.

Job Search

Job SearchStarting off today’s list is Job Search. This is an app from one of the more well-known job search companies, Indeed, and offers the ability to search from over 15 million jobs post in fifty different countries. Great option to get your job search started.


Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Job Search, Salaries & ReviewsGlassdoor is another well-known job searching company and Job Search, Salaries & Reviews is their app offering. This one offers the basic job searching function, however, unlike some of the others, this one also looks to provide more general industry information on the companies you are applying to. Much more than just a job searching app.


LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job SearchLinkedIn Job Search is one of the newest apps on the list but will already be one of the more well known. This is LinkedIn’s dedicated job searching app and will be a must for anyone who already uses the LinkedIn service, thanks to its high compatibility between the two apps.


My Resume Builder, CV Free Jobs

ResumeOf course, one of the most effective ways to find a new job is to make sure your Resume/CV is up to date and looking right. With that in mind, this app will help you put together your resume and make sure all the right data is there and included.


Job Search by ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiterZipRecruiter takes a slightly different approach than most of the other apps on this list. That is because of searching for jobs yourself, the app looks to find compatible jobs for you. You simply input the parameters (industry, location etc) and the app then searches many websites (including a number of the ones on this list) to find the most relevant jobs.


Job Search – Snagajob

SnagajobSnagajob is another job searching app but this one provided much more of a modern approach. As well as being able to search over 350,000 jobs, this one also offers additional features like uploading a quick 30-second video profile to help give you an edge over some of the other candidates.


Monster Job Search

MonsterMonster will probably need little introduction. They are one of the most well-known job searching sites out there and likewise, their app is one of the most downloaded. If you already have a Monster profile up and ready then this might be the one to go for.


Jobs & Career Search

JSJobs & Career Search is an app which covers more than 100,000 jobs in 26 industries. That said, it does have much more of a focus on IT jobs. Therefore, if this is your particular sector then this might be the app to try.


Jobrio Job Search

JobrioJobrio is quite similar to ZipRecruiter and as such is more focused towards searching the other sites to help you find the right job. As such, if you are looking for an app which searches multiple sites then this will be one to give a try.


Job Nest | Jobs search engine

Job NestClosing out today’s list is Job Nest. This is another newcomer to the job searching arena. As such, it is a little light in terms of download numbers, but if you have tried the more established offerings and fancy giving a new app a try then this might be the one to go for.