Featured: Top 10 Golf Apps For Android

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Everyone has a preference in how they spend their spare time. However, what unites everyone is the seemingly increasing ability to integrate your smartphone with your pastimes. This is no different for those who have an avid interest in Golf. If that sounds like you then you may want to check out these ten Golf-based android apps.

Golf GPS & Scorecard

Golf GPS & ScorecardKicking off today’s list is Golf GPS & Scorecard. As the name suggests, this is a GPS based app and looks to provide you with as much information as possible to help you improve your game. The app includes a rangefinder, not to mention the ability to monitor wind speed and elevation. Of course, there is a scorecard thrown in too.


The Masters Golf Tournament

Masters Golf TournamentThe Masters is one of the most popular Golf tournaments in the world and the event took place last month. However, if you missed all the action or just want to recap on what happened then you might want to download the official Masters Golf Tournament app.


Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf Pad GPSGolf GPS Rangefinder is another GPS based app which looks to improve your swing and performance. However, unlike some of the others, this app also includes the ability to order Golf Tags which attach to the base of your clubs and offer much more comprehensive information on what you are doing right and wrong.


Golf Channel Mobile

Golf ChannelGolf Channel Mobile should need little explaining. This is a media based app which offers the user a comprehensive degree of information on the world of golf. The app includes video-based content, as well as interviews, blogs, articles and analysis from those in the know.


Nike Golf 360°

NikeIf you like the idea of a GPS-based app but would prefer one from a brand you are more familiar with than Nike Golf 360 might be the one to go for. This app will also monitor your performance with a view to improvement as well offer the ability to score your games.


Hole19 – Golf GPS & Scorecard

Hole19GPS based apps seems to be the theme this year which is not surprising as more devices and smartphones become more connected. With that in mind, Hole19 takes the level of connecting up a gear by offering all the GPS benefits you would expect but also compatible with an Android Wear device.


Golf Course Wallpapers

Golf WallpapersOf course, no app list can ever be complete unless it has some wallpapers for you to choose from. Well, if you are after the view of the green each time you check your phone then this app will provide you with a number of Golf-based wallpapers to choose from.


GolfLogix #1 Free Golf GPS App

Golf LogixAs the name of this one suggests, this one again does offer GPS-based functionality. However, that is only part of the deal with this app. Probably like your local Golf venue, this one places more emphasis on a member orientated experience. Therefore, there are additional benefits including exclusive deals on equipment and so on.


SwingAid / Golf Swing Analysis

SwingAidUnlike the other apps, SwingAid looks to increase the performance of your swing in a more novel and direct approach. This app allows you to record your swing and share it with other Golfers worldwide with the hope they will be able to provide more detailed information on where your swing is going wrong.


The Rules of Golf

Rules of GolfOf course, if you are reading through this list as someone who has not yet got involved in Golf but have always wanted to, then the best place to start is by learning the rules of Golf. This comprehensive guide will provide you will all the basic information you will need to get started.