Featured: Top 10 Best News Reader Apps for Android

May 8, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

RSS is a dying breed. But there are still a few apps that use RSS, like Feedly and Press. Here we’re talking about some of the best apps for getting your news. Whether that be technology, sports, or even local news. There’s some great ones in this list, so let’s check them out.

LinkedIn Pulse

Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.21.58

Pulse was recently bought by LinkedIn, and so far the only real things that have changed is the name as well as the integration into LinkedIn. With LinkedIn Pulse, you can keep up to date with your favorite sites, even Android Headlines.




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This is probably the most popular RSS reader app, and it’s all because of Google Reader deciding to ride off into the sunset. Feedly allowed you to import your Reader feeds, and added a ton of other features, not to mention using a pretty amazing Android app.



Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.30.08

This one’s just a simple RSS reader app, but it does have material design, so it does look pretty good. No real special features though. It does however, use Feedly Cloud which allows you to keep your position on the web as well as on your smartphone.



Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.31.35

Like Feedly, but don’t like their Android app (for some reason)? Well here’s FeedlyReader. It’s a reader app for Feedly, and it is in Material design. Which the red looks really hot, actually.


News Republic

Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.23.29

A very popular app here, it doesn’t actually allow you to add specific sites, but you can rate the news you do read and the app will recommend more articles from other sites for you to read. It’s a great way to find new news sites that you may not know had existed beforehand.


Yahoo News Digest

Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.25.26

Don’t have time to read all the news out there? Well Yahoo News Digest does a good job of curating news for you, and sends you a digest twice a day. So you can keep up with the happenings around the world, or even just around the country.



Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.33.04

Press is another one that got really popular after Google Reader’s demise. It’s a very lightweight RSS reader, that won’t kill your battery. It has a really great looking layout as well, which makes reading news easier to do.



Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.34.42

News+ is another RSS reader that looks pretty good. Like some of the others here, it’s rise to fame is thanks to Google killing Google Reader a few years ago. It is in material design, and appears to have a really nice looking user experience. Which is always important.


Google Play Newsstand

Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.27.03

This one’s a great all around news reader. As well as magazine reader. With Google Play Newsstand you can indeed add your favorite sites to Newsstand as well as different sections. So you can keep up with all the news you care about.




Screenshot 2015-05-06 08.36.27

FeedMe is a simple reader for Feedly that does work offline. Which is important for those that like to catch up on news on the subway to work or heading home. It also includes no ads and no in-app purchases. A few other things that work in FeedMe’s favor.