Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps for Road Trips

Top 10 Best Road Trip Apps AH 1

We’re getting to that part of the year where many people take road trips. I, myself love road trips. They are plenty of fun. But there are some apps that you can take with you that will make the road trip even more fun, as well as make it easier to find gas stations, find a hotel and even find your way around without getting lost. Let’s take a look at a few of these.


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This is an app that I love, and use for ever trip. If you make hotel reservations, book a flight or anything like that. TripIt can scan your email for this confirmation emails and add it to your TripIt account. Making it easy for you to have all that info in one place. Pretty handy, right?



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With Tripomatic, you get access to all kinds of things, including finding out sights to see, the weather, and so much more. You can also plan your route and hit all the sights that it shows you. It’s a pretty neat app for tourists.



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Need a last minute hotel? Well Hotels.com can take care of that. The app will use your location to figure out where you are right now and find hotels around you. You can book a hotel straight from the app. Making it super convenient.


Hotel Tonight

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This is another app that let’s you find last minute hotels, and seeing as it’s last minute it means you’ll get the best deal. Hotels would rather rent out a room at a steep discount then to let it be empty that night. As some money is better than no money.


TripAdvisor City Guides

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TripAdvisor is a great app for finding hotels and such. But did you know they have City Guides apps for many larger cities? These City Guides help you find the best restaurants, and other attractions in these cities.



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Need to find some gas? Never fear GasBuddy is here. While GasBuddy is used primarily for finding cheap gas prices, you can also use it to find gas stations near you. It will use your location, so you don’t need to know exactly where you are. Which is always a big plus.


Google Maps

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This is a big one, and definitely a must have. Good thing it’s pre-installed on most devices. But Google Maps is important so that you don’t get lost. And can find out where you are. If you’re traveling outside of a city and you may not have a signal, you can always download portions of Google Maps to use offline. Which is a big feature.



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Might seem a bit weird, but the Google Search app is important because of Google Now. Google Now has a ton of interesting cards that pop up when you’re traveling. Including one that shows if there’s construction on your route. Another one that shows your upcoming trip, and if you’re traveling out of the country, there are even more helpful cards.


Gas Trip Calculator

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When you’re preparing for a roadtrip, it’s usually a good thing to use the Gas Trip Calculator. This way you can figure out how many times you are going to need to fill up while driving. But more importantly, it’ll show you how much you’ll be spending. GasBuddy has this feature as well, which is really helpful.


Nokia HERE Maps

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Yes, Nokia’s HERE Maps are available on Android! Many people prefer Nokia HERE Maps over Google Maps for various reasons so here it is. It’s important to have at least one reliable mapping app (that’s definitely not Apple Maps) when you’re on a road trip. You definitely don’t want to get lost in an unfamiliar area.