Featured: Top 10 Android News Stories – May 17th

May 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

In the technology industry news seems to cycle as fast as the technology itself, and with busy lives and our own things to do it can be easy to miss a few things. If you happened to miss anything from this past week we’ve rounded up some of the top stories. Earlier this week Google started a change on desktop version of the Google account which now requires a two screen login system, one screen for the username and one screen for the password. Google also made some changes to the design on the desktop version of YouTube.

There were also a couple stories regarding LG this week, including a rumor that LG has confirmed to be a Nexus smartphone OEM this year, and details concerning the official launch date of the LG G4 to be June 2nd. We also saw some changes to the desktop design of Google Play Music, and rumors had once again surfaced that the next generation of the Moto 360 may have passed through Bluetooth certification.

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