Featured Review: aLLreLi Leather Vintage Case for the Galaxy S6

May 26, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

There are lots of cases out there for the Galaxy S6. From the regular leather wallet folio cases, to TPU cases, to the big heavy Otterbox-style cases. This time we’re looking at a retro vintage leather case from aLLreLi. They sent us over this case to use on the Galaxy S6, and it’s actually a pretty nice case. It is a PU leather case, so it’s not real leather, but it does feel quite nice on the Galaxy S6, and since the inside is soft, it doesn’t scratch up that glass back of your Galaxy S6. That’s always important, right?

This one actually folds vertically instead of horizontally, which you’ll see what I mean in the pictures below. It’s a little awkward when you just want to pull out your phone and check something, but it is something different that not a lot of others are doing. Because of it folding out vertically, there are some ports that needed to be cut out. So on the bottom, there are cut outs for the headphone jack, the microUSB port and the speaker. Up top, the latch does just miss the microphone, but you will have to open it to use the IR blaster. But in all honesty, you’d need to open the case to use the IR Blaster anyways, as you need to interact with the display. On the back, there is a cut out for the camera and the flash.

Overall, it’s a pretty sturdy case, It’s not the best looking case in the world, but we have seen plenty worse. If you’re one of those that like PU Leather flip cases, then this is a good one for you to check out. Currently, it’s on sale for $10 from Amazon, and is compatible with all variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6, for those that were wondering. But if that price is still too high for you, we have something to sweeten the deal. Right now you can get 30% off all of aLLreLi’s Galaxy S6 cases by using the promo code ALLS6C30 at check out. Which brings the price down to about $7. Not bad for $7 now is it?