e-Celsius Pill Tracks Core Temperature Using Samsung's SAMI

Samsung is an all-encompassing company. While some people might just see them as the company who made their current smartphone or the latest TV unit they picked up recently, Samsung is a much more versatile company. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to know where to categorize Samsung beyond 'manufacturer'. The company manufactures just about everything you can think of and more. That said, they are also a much more innovative company them a lot of people realize or credit them with being. While the South Korean company seems to continually dance around the courts with Apple over who created what, first. The truth is that Samsung is always looking for the next big thing. Or at least, the next things. It was only yesterday that reports came noting how Samsung are continually looking to develop more robust batteries and advanced camera features.

One of the big developments the company announced last year was the formation of their cloud data analyzing platform known as SAMI. The Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) was a platform which was launched to utilize copious amounts of digital data and especially for those with a focus on health. As such, any device which contains any sensors could utilize the platform. As a proof of concept, Samsung also released the Simband which was able to record many aspects of a person's health from the Simband's sensors and translate the data to SAMI.

Well, that was a year ago and more recently, Body Cap, have been using the technology to showcase their e-Celsius pill. In short, this is a pill which is designed to monitor a person's core temperature. The pill is digestible and once ingested is able to constantly send signals of the temperature it records at five-second intervals. SAMI is then able to monitor and translate these signals accordingly. Not to mention, if a preset desired or goal temperature is set, then once the pill records that temperature, coupled with SAMI, is able to send a notification to a user's device or wearable advising of the goal temperature being reached. You can see an example of the pill in action and woking with SAMI by clicking play on the video below.

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