Dialer Icon Replaced With Voice Search On M Lock Screen

May 29, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Google’s latest android operating system update, Android M, is still only hours old. The announcement on Android M only came through yesterday and this was followed shortly afterwards, by the availability to download a developer preview version of M. Not to mention, the developers preview is only available to those who own a Nexus device. As such, those with a Nexus device are able to test run what will be the next widely available version of android. That said, this is only a developer’s preview and this means there will be a number of features that have yet to be included in the preview and probably, equally, a number of features which are currently in the preview that may not make it into the final version of the software. Either way though, Android M is here.

As such, there is a ton of new features, aspects and things to get used to. While some will be functional, others will be aesthetic. Either way, and whichever they are, they will be new and will come with a slight adjustment period for some users to adapt. Not to mention, some of the changes might be very minor in nature. That said, all the changes, big or small, will collectively come together to result in a much wider overall change. One of those more minor functional (and aesthetically actually) changes, is one which is being noticed on the lock screen.

It seems on the latest version of android, one of the notable lock screen icons has changed. What used to be the dialer icon now seems to have been replaced with the voice search icon. As such, the lock screen now contains the voice search on the bottom left corner of the lock screen and can be instantly accessed by swiping inwards from the corner. This does now mean that there does not seem to be (by default) any shortcut for the dialer (phone) on the lock screen at all and instead, those wishing to make calls will have to unlock their phone first. For those that are wondering, the camera icon remains on the lock screen and is positioned in the bottom right corner unchanged.