Deutsche Telekom Would Consider Partner for T-Mobile US



It's no secret that T-Mobile has been doing quite well for itself over the last few years, well at least the US T-Mobile network has, anyway. Thanks to shaking things up, giving customers more of what they want and cutting out the fluff when it comes to signing a contract, T-Mobile US has improved their earnings, signed up more subscribers and generally improved their overall image to great effect. Deutsche Telekom, who own 66% of T-Mobile US, would be willing to consider a partner for the network, so long as it would continue the trend of improving earnings.


As Reuters is reporting, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Hoettges, said that where improving T-Mobile US is concerned "if we find a partner who will help us to do so, we will obviously consider it." Deutsche Telekom's stance on leaving the US market seems to have turned around, as Hoettges was keen to point out that they are in no need to sell T-Mobile US, citing 8 Million new subscribers last year as the "strongest growth" of the company's history. A planned deal with Sprint fell through some time ago, and things seem to be a little different now.

While the company is more than happy to partner with someone in order to further growth in the US market, they're under no pressure to sell their North American business. This is a true sign that T-Mobile US is on the up and up. Just a few years ago, Deutsche Telekom looked practically desperate to leave the US industry, now they're happy with their position. Hoettges confidently said that "customers are literally flocking to us". Customers in the US have become fed up with the big name networks of AT&T and Verizon charging over the odds and tightly restricting data, whereas T-Mobile offers more data for less and is one of the first to introduce a rollover scheme that makes a whole lot of sense. The future looks bright for T-Mobile, and as the landscape starts to shift with big deals like Verizon buying AOL and AT&T waiting for approval to purchase DirecTV, it's no mean feat to experiencing such growth.

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