Official Sony Xperia Z4 Wallpapers Now Available for All

Sony Xperia Z4 three phones cam 2 AH

Are you a hardcore Sony fan wishing you lived in Japan so you could get your hands on the Xperia Z4? Do you reminisce about the days when Sony was a force to be reckoned with in the technology industry? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have something that may help satiate your desire for more Sony.

Without a doubt you have all heard by now that the Xperia Z4 is even more of an incremental improvement than their previous upgrades, which by no means were earth-shattering departures or enhancements themselves. This is certainly disappointing, however, the relatively minor improvements offered by the Xperia Z4 may be enough for hardcore fans; despite the gradual evolution of the Xperia line they are still some of the best all-around phones on the market. Alas, if you are a hardcore fan, or a layman simply looking for a solid device, Sony has left you with a desire that you likely cannot fulfill – the Xperia Z4 can only be had by Japanese citizens. Not only is it only available in Japan at the moment, Sony has kept mum about a potential global release since the Xperia Z4 was launched, much to the dismay of Sony's relatively small but loyal global fan base. However, not all is lost! In the interim before a wider release, or the announcement of a device for global markets, XDA member a.hamameh96 has done us all a solid and made the official Sony wallpapers available for download.


The selection includes both home screen and lockscreen wallpapers from the default blue theme, a black theme from the stamina mode launcher, as well as themes extracted from Sony's Xperia Z4 Style Cover apps. The Xperia Z4 Style Covers are official cases made by Sony that are paired with an app containing wallpapers that match the cases' colors. This is a nice feature as it isn't always easy to find wallpapers that match your case, if you use one. Aside from the blue and black motifs the Style Covers add aqua green, copper, and white styled backgrounds to the mix; should be enough options to match whatever launcher theme, icon pack, etc. we are using. The wallpapers are by no means elaborate, they are decidedly Sony, with simple curves and various shades of a single color; perfect for those longing for more Sony or users who want their background to be just that: a background. Nothing distracting or ornate, simply an appealing backdrop.

Although we may be in store for another flagship from Sony, potentially by the end of the month, for now we have nothing new in terms of Sony hardware. To be honest, we aren't missing out on a whole lot, waiting for a new and potentially more revolutionary device isn't the end of the world, especially when we consider how closely the Xperia Z4 resembles the Xperia Z3. On the other hand, if a new device is not released that is a different story entirely. For now we will just have to feast our eyes on some Sony wallpaper, available below, and pray new hardware comes sooner than later.

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