Consumer Reports Bashes the Galaxy S6, Says Galaxy S5 is Better

Samsung released the Galaxy S6 a little over a month ago, and since then, it has been considered one of the greatest smartphones that the company has ever launched. Most reports, greatly recommend the Galaxy S6 over any other smartphone out today; but it seems that not every website believes this. According to Consumer Reports, the new Galaxy S6 is not even better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. Consumer Reports has never been one to release accurate smartphone ratings, as more than once the website has given incredibly inadequate statements over why the reviewed smartphones are awarded such negative scores; an example of this is how the iPhone was given a low score for not having a removable battery. Today, Consumer Reports released a video titled "Why Samsung's Galaxy S6 Doesn't Top Our Ratings",  in which the Galaxy S6 is bashed continuously. In the video, it is concluded that the previous installment of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5, is a better purchase by far.

Consumer Reports claims that all of their reviews are done by "experts", but in the video released today, it has become evident that the information given by their so called "experts", is not always to be trusted. Even if the website is not so popular among the tech-savvy or teenagers, it is widely consulted by older generations, causing the misinformation of older people. Releasing such videos has caused many of their viewers to blindly make several bad smartphone purchases. Consumer Reports has, over the years, focused on reviewing numerous products; ranging from electrodomestics to cars. This wide focus has caused the website to not specialize in any of the areas they cover.

There are several reasons to why Consumer Reports gave potential buyers the recommendation of purchasing the Galaxy S5 over the Galaxy S6, but most of them don't make a lot of sense. The video states that the Galaxy S5 is ultimately a better device because of its resistance to water, removable battery, and expandable memory; but a while later, Consumer Reports contradicts its own given reasons by saying how some users "won't care" for said changes. But even if many of the claims by the website should be dismissed, they make a great point on how the disappearance of removable batteries are paving the way for thinner smartphones, and with that a shorter battery life.

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