Chromecast's Success: 1.5 Billion Castings


Chromecast.  It's seen a two-year run in its current form, and in that time, much success.  At the beginning of I/O this morning, Sundar Pichai talked of the Android platform's success, adoption, and use.  The interesting device that got attention this year was Google's casting dongle, the Chromecast.  And the use numbers are huge.

Chromecast has been on sale for two years, continually getting let into new countries and areas since then.  The single feature that caught the attention of many people was the sole purpose of the Chromecast: sending content to a larger screen for more than just yourself to see.  Since its launch, the Chromecast has made its way into the hands of more than 15 million people, and let them hit that cast button over a billion and a half times, letting people send any of the over 20 thousand compatible apps to the big screen,


For those that might not be willing or able to do the math quickly, that's just over 88 castings by every person with a Chromecast over the past two years.  Chromecast looks to be a large focus for Google, and hopefully developers.  The focus on casting beginning at I/O makes us wonder though, is a new version with newer specifications coming in the near future?

At this moment during the I/O conference, there's still almost an hour of news and announcements left, so the developer and attendee goodies have yet to be announced or mentioned, so perhaps that massive shipment of Chromecasts from the past few days have a future in the hands and pockets of your favorite developer(s).

All we know is that the Chromecast is still growing in userbase, and the number of apps for the dongle is continuing to grow as well, expanding from a 5, 7, 9, and 10-inch display to a 50 and above inch display to show the best content that there is.  We might expect a new version, or maybe a new software update to Chromecast, to keep this dongle timeless and ready to cast wherever it is plugged in.

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