The Chromecast Will Soon Receive a Significant Update


The Chromecast is one of those devices that you sometimes can't believe are real due to what they are capable of. The Chromecast is only slightly bigger than a USB thumb drive and it is capable of plugging into any device with an HDMI port and streaming media to it via a smartphone or laptop. Then you factor in that you can wirelessly cast a device's screen to the Chromecast and do things like play games through it and it gets even harder to believe. Well, all this functionality obviously wasn't enough to satisfy Google as they are adding a handful of significant new capabilities to the device soon.

Most people went into Google I/O this year predicting that Google would unveil some of these new features about to be talked about. The big difference and where everybody was wrong is in thinking these new features would come with a new, more powerful Chromecast device. Instead, Google decided to push the current and original Chromecast to its limits with the following new features.


First among the new features is focused on video apps. Here is an example of this new feature, if you are watching a video on your Chromecast and you have a second video waiting to be played, the Chromecast would buffer that video while the first one is playing. This would allow the second video to begin playing at a high quality right off the bat with no buffering needed. The second new feature is focused on gaming. It makes the ability to use multiple smartphones as controllers for a game much easier for developers to incorporate. Then last but certainly not least there is the new ability to do things such as put a steering wheel on players smartphones and have the TV be the cockpit view of a car. Making a great dual-screen experience for gaming apps as well as many other types of apps.

All of these features will soon be available on a Chromecast near you, we just don't know exactly when yet. But, if you have the urge to try some of these new features out yourself, you can at least try one of them right now. Autodesk Pixlr currently takes advantage of early Remote Display APIs and allows users to edit photos using their smartphone and TV screen simultaneously. You can get Autodesk Pixlr by clicking here and try it yourself.

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