CBS Android App Updated Adding Chromecast Support

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Steaming in any capacity has become another one of the buzzwords of recent times. Just like how music streaming has become increasingly popular, streaming of any content seems to be on the increase. While this has been largely fueled by the likes of Netflix, who were one of the early adopters of the medium, helped to establish the notion that consumers were happy to ‘rent’ content for a monthly subscription charge, compared to buying content outright. As a result, the battle is well underway for cable and video content providers to adopt to the streaming medium and model.

One of those who has been making strides recently is CBS. Back in October of last year, the cable provider announced that they were releasing an All Access subscription plan. All Access essentially allowed users to watch content without the need for a main TV subscription package. Instead, users interested in CBS content could simply pay a reduced cost ($5.99) and watch from the CBS catalogue. Content included episodes from their most recent series and also access to their back catalogue episodes. In the same announcement, CBS also announced that All Access content would also be available from the CBS android app.

The only issues with All Access from the android app was that the app did not offer Chromecast support. Essentially, the app did not permit transmission of shows and content to the big screen. Well, it does seem that has now changed as CBS have announced today that they are rolling out a new update to their app. The main update element is indeed Chromecast support. As such, the CBS app users (along with those who have signed-up to the All Access subscription) can cast content to their Chromecast. In fact, the CBS announcement (source link below) details that it is not just the app that has received the Chromecast support, but instead the CBS online ecosystem as a whole. As such, users can now also cast from the CBS website as well. The update with casting support will also now allow users to browse additional episodes within the app, while not interrupting their current stream and casted content. If you have yet to grab the CBS app then you can by heading over to the Play Store listing. Alternative, you can find out the full details of today’s announcement by clicking the source link below.