Carphone Warehouse iD Mobile Service To Launch Tomorrow

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When it comes to carriers, networks, MVNOs and the likes, all of the talk recently has been around Project Fi. With good reason to. After all, this is Google and the thought of the Search giant bringing their own Google-backed mobile network to the public will be a thought welcomed by many an android user. Even more so after the news that Google are looking to make sure their Project Fi service is one which is likely to be much cheaper for the end user and especially those who do not consume a large amount of data each month.

Well, if you are based in the UK, then the notion of Google bringing a mobile network to your neck of the woods probably seems quite far off right now. Especially, as Fi, for now, will only be available for Nexus 6 owners as well as only in the U.S. That said, for those who are UK based, a few weeks back came the news that the UK smartphone retailer, Carphone Warehouse, was planning on launching their own mobile network in May.

Well, it now seems that today is the eve of the launch of the Carphone Warehouse mobile network, which is being dubbed iD. As noted in the earlier coverage, iD will run on UK carrier, Three’s network, which is widely considered to be one of the better networks in the UK. Not to mention, iD is also due to offer their users free roaming in as many as twenty-two countries. In terms of the actual call plans, the full details have yet to be fully announced and probably won’t until tomorrow when the launch is reported to begin. However, reports are suggesting that the plans on offer will begin from £25.50 per month for the Takeaway plans (roaming abroad options). Alternative, SIM-only plans will reportedly start from £7.50 per month, while on contract plans will begin from as little as £13.50 per month (on a 12-month contract) and £11.50 per month (on a 24-month contract). As to be expected, mored details will be known tomorrow. Those interested in being among the first to know what is on offer, can pre-register for information via the iD sign-up page by clicking the source link below.