Camera Comparisons: LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6


It's time. Time we finally put the Galaxy S6 up against the LG G4. Both of these smartphones have some pretty amazing cameras. In fact, while I was out getting pictures with both cameras, I was shocked that these came from smartphone cameras and not my Sony RX100. Both smartphones feature a 16MP sensor, with some other goodies inside. While LG's camera software doesn't have a whole lot of features, the manual mode is probably the best part of their camera. Samsung, on the other hand, has their own manual mode, plus a ton of other modes. A number of which can be downloaded from Samsung's own App Store.

We took pictures here in about three different lighting conditions. There's indoor, with minimal light, outside in daylight, and outside at dusk and in the dark. All of which are explained down below.  All of these photos were taken in complete Auto mode. No manual settings were used, to keep it fair. These images have been resized (no other editing done though), however, if you want to see the full res, I have posted them on my Google+ page here.



Below are pictures taken indoors, the Galaxy S6 is on the left and the LG G4 on the right.

GS6-Samples-AH-3 LG-G4-Samples-AH-3

GS6-Samples-AH-2 LG-G4-Samples-AH-2


GS6-Samples-AH-1 LG-G4-Samples-AH-1

Outdoors, Bright Sunlight

These images were taken outside in bright sunlight. Some are up-close, aka macro, some are just standard pictures. Once again, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is on the left and the LG G4 on the right.

GS6-Samples-AH-11 LG-G4-Samples-AH-11


GS6-Samples-AH-10 LG-G4-Samples-AH-10

GS6-Samples-AH-9 LG-G4-Samples-AH-9

GS6-Samples-AH-8 LG-G4-Samples-AH-8


GS6-Samples-AH-7 LG-G4-Samples-AH-7

GS6-Samples-AH-6 LG-G4-Samples-AH-6

GS6-Samples-AH-5 LG-G4-Samples-AH-5


GS6-Samples-AH-4 LG-G4-Samples-AH-4

Outdoors, Dusk and Darkness

These photos were taken when the sun was pretty much gone. A few were taken with the only light coming from street lights, stores, etc. Both cameras performed quite good actually. Once again, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is on the left and LG G4 on the right.

GS6-Samples-AH-17 LG-G4-Samples-AH-17


GS6-Samples-AH-16 LG-G4-Samples-AH-16

GS6-Samples-AH-15 LG-G4-Samples-AH-15

GS6-Samples-AH-13 LG-G4-Samples-AH-13


GS6-Samples-AH-14 LG-G4-Samples-AH-14

GS6-Samples-AH-12 LG-G4-Samples-AH-12

Final Thoughts

Both cameras are amazing. I think we all know that by now. This comparison is probably the best one I've done in quite a while. Mostly because the two cameras are so much alike, in terms of the pictures they produce. However, I'd have to give the edge to the LG G4, and that's primarily due to the color spectrum sensor. Some of these you'll notice have different colors. And to me it looks like the LG G4 gives it a more "natural" look than the Galaxy S6. But you can't go wrong with either of these.