Brand New Android Apps To Make Your Life Easier and Safer


If you are searching for ways to ensure the security of your Android devices as well as increase their capabilities, there are quite a few great apps out there to choose from. Specifically, these two new apps will make a big difference in the effectiveness of your device on a day to day basis.

Kaspersky Lab


A great addition to your phone's security is one of the newly updated and highly efficient apps made by Kaspersky Lab. The Kaspersky Internet Security for Android will keep a low profile on your phone or tablet as to not interfere with other apps running on your device. The program helps to protect your phone or tablet from Internet threats and viruses as well as theft and loss. Here are some awesome features of this program:

  • Alarm – If you are like many people who have had the unfortunate experience of losing their device while it was on silent or vibrate, this alarm feature will be a life-saver. You can remotely trigger an alarm to sound that can help you locate your device- it even works in silent mode!
  • Anti-Theft – In case your device is stolen, you are able to set up an account online to manage the anti-theft features that include a "Mugshot"- where you can take a picture remotely from that device to see where it is and who has it. There is also "Wipe" and "Full Wipe" options that will clear sensitive information or ALL information from your device in case it lands in the wrong hands. There is also a "Lock & Locate" option for you to lock the device remotely to keep it from being used as well as a locator device that will help you find it on a map.
  • Communication Filter – This feature is not standard to phones and is extremely helpful in the event of unwanted calls, harassment or communication. The Call & Text Filter will guard against these types unwanted calls and texts.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Phishing – What Kaspersky is best at- finding dangerous malware, viruses and suspicious links that could harm your device or compromise your security.
  • Savings – You can find vouchers and discounts for the Kaspersky app services on the¬†website. Search for Kaspersky and you will find discounts on a range of their services.

TomTom GPS Navigation

The infamous TomTom navigation devices are not the only devices to have the TomTom system anymore. You can have the new TomTom Go Mobile app on your own mobile phone or tablet with many of the same conveniences and helpful information. Here are a few things to love about this helpful app:

  • Traffic & Map Features – Traffic information is always real time, and the TomTom Go app helps you find the fasted route to your destination. There are also up-to-date speed warnings to help you avoid speeding tickets. The maps are available for over 100 countries, and they also have an offline version using maps that have been stored on your phone.
  • 3D Images – The images on the TomTom Go navigation app are extremely helpful when navigating because you can see 3D buildings and landmarks. These will help you get oriented with where you are faster and easier than if it were just a regular street map.
  • Savings – The initial app is free, and you get free miles to use each month. So if you use the app selectively, it is truly a great deal! If you end up going over those miles frequently you can buy an upgrade to get unlimited navigation privileges on your device. You can also go to to get vouchers and discounts for the TomTom Go Navigation app and save money there.