BOLD Knot Is An External Charger Built For Your Keychain


We live in a world where smartphones have become integral parts of our lives, and yet, we're constantly annoyed with one aspect of those devices, their batteries. Some smartphones offer great battery life and can easily get you going till the end of the day, others however, not so much. That also depends on how much you actually use your smartphone during the day, of course, but battery life on smartphones is generally very poor, especially if you're a power user, and I bet that the majority of you reading this actually belong in that category.

People have been complaining about the battery life on their smartphones for a long time now, and we're all waiting for some sort of a breakthrough technology which will remove that problem completely. Until that happens, however, we have to rely on various battery packs to keep us going through the day. The main problem with battery packs is their size, and quite frankly they're usually not that convenient to carry around with you. Which brings me to what we're here to talk about, the BOLD Knot external battery unit. What is a BOLD Knot? Well, it's a small power cell wrapped in a para-cord material. You can basically put this thing on your keychain and just carry it around with you without a problem. The cables are capable of charging up your phone twice as fast compared to regular chargers when charging over USB.


Keep in mind that BOLD Knot cannot re-charge your smartphone all the way, that's not its purpose. This thing will, however, be able to provide a charge for you to do certain things and give you that extra screen-on time that you need. The BOLD Knot is currently listed on Indiegogo, and according to the company, this thing is able to provide 8 hours of music and 3 hours of talk time, though that will depend on your smartphone and usage, of course. Bold Gadgets is the company behind this product, and they managed to collect over $10,000 for this project thus far, while they're aiming at $15,000. If you'd like to help push this product to the market, visit the source link down below. You can now get it for $29, which is a special early-adopter price, and the actual price is $39. The BOLD Knot will be available in both micro USB and Lightning port versions, and it's expected to ship in October.

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