Bitcoin Uptake With Android Based Casinos Is On The Rise

May 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Over recent times, there has been a growing trend in the android world and that trend is casino-based. While casino content has been available for some time both in a downloadable software mode, as well as in-browser based options, with what seems to be a continually increasing number of android users landing each year, the market for possible android casino based content is also increasing. As such, the casino world has seen somewhat of a boom recently in terms of android compatible casino based apps and android optimized websites.

Interestingly, another boom of late in the digital world has been that of the Bitcoin revolution. If you have yet to join the Bitcoin revolution, then you will have at least been made aware of the revolution, thanks to the continual headlines surrounding the topic. In short, Bitcoins are essentially a new currency, one which is digital and one which is unique in many respects. There are a number of benefits to Bitcoins, although, one of the most obvious benefits is the fact that Bitcoin is essentially a standalone currency. One which is not attributed to any country or regulator. The benefit of such a cross-border and Worldwide unifying currency is there are virtually no fees needed to be paid when using Bitcoins.

With the two recent and growing markets, Casinos and Bitcoins, it would be expected that the two market would soon enough collide. That is exactly what seems to be happening in recent times, as many Android casinos are now accepting bitcoin as a means of payment. The ability to partake in your favorite casino games like Poker, Blackjack or Slots and being able to use a low transaction cost and anonymous payment solution seems to be a very mutually beneficial combination. As such, it is likely that in the future, the two markets will both grow together as well as growing within their own right and trajectory. With an increasing number of android casinos choosing to utilize Bitcoins, it seems the only decisions that is being left to be made by the consumer, is which Bitcoin based casino to go with and, of course, which casino game to play.