Audiobooks Overhauls Android App for Better User Experience


There are still a lot of avid book readers around…some still have a love affair for the 'real thing' and the feel of the book cover and the flipping of a paper page.  However, more and more users are switching over to digital media – it is simply a more convenient way to read a book.  Most readers own a smartphone or tablet and most people carry their device with them all of the time, so their books go with them anywhere they travel without the hassle of carrying a separate book.  Anytime you have a few moments, just 'open' your electronic book and read…no hassles in trying to hold the book and keep the pages from flipping shut on you.  Over the years, audio books have grown in popularity, especially due to mobile devices as the 'book' is always with you and a smartphone makes the book easy to listen to either through earbuds or directly from the phone's speaker., the first company to offer an on-demand streaming and downloading service for audiobooks just performed a major overhaul on its Android application – the first one since 2013.  They took the "minimalist design" approach and upgraded the user interface to be more intuitive and easier to use. is the "first and only provider of Cloud Bookmarking, its proprietary technology that synchronizes users' last listened-to bookmark position across all devices."  The new app is available for free in the Google Play Store – once downloaded, you must then sign up for the service.  The first audiobook is free and then you will be charged $14.95 per month to use the service, which entitles you to one book per month. overhauled their Android app from top-to-bottom to improve the listeners' experience.  The entire user interface has a new look and is faster in loading book covers and samples.  Navigation is made easier and gives the user a more efficient experience as well as making it more intuitive for browsing through the library to move between the pages.  The newly revamped app makes it easier to deal with settings and makes it easier for the user to get to their account information and international users will find it easier to browse through content that is specific to their region.  Ian Small, general manager said, "On the backend, the technology that powers our service is modern and innovative.  We want that to be reflected in the front-end experience for our users, and this redesign accomplishes that goal.  This is our best Android app yet, and we are excited to get it into the hands of our customers."

Advertisement has over 60,000 books for you to choose from and you can search them by their 'Book Lists,' which has seven categories – Perfect First Listens, This Week's Top Releases, New York Times Bestsellers, Non-Fiction Bestsellers, 2015 Oscar-Worthy Listens, The Audies 2015 Finalists and Warm Up With Romance.  They also break the audiobooks selections by twenty-five 'Genres,' from Biographies to Young Adult. has over 1 million downloads and counting – you can either stream your book or download the book to your device if you are on the go and not near a Wi-Fi signal and do not wait to use up your smartphone's data allowance.  For $14.95 per month you are entitled to one book, although you can always purchase additional credits at any time as well as having unlimited access to over 2500+ books that are free.  With their exclusive Cloud Bookmarking, you can start you book on your smartphone, pick it up on you laptop and then fall asleep listening to it on your tablet.

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