AT&T GoPhone Customers Now Also Able To Rollover Data


Data has generally always been a headline-grabbing term. However, it seems it has been even more headliner worthy of late, thanks to the constant stream of news that has landed in recent months and circulated around how carriers define and offer unlimited data plans. This has caused a number of carriers to start to offer additions to their plans, which provide a way for users to stock-pile their data allowances. At one of T-Mobile's recent uncarrier events, the uncarrier unveiled Data Stash. Likewise, in early January of this year, AT&T (re)introduced their Rollover options, although, the latest rendition of Rollover saw the plan moving from 'Rollover Minutes' to 'Rollover Data'. In short, where a user could roll their unused data over until the next month. Largely, the same as what T-Mobile was offering with Data Stash.

The only issue with AT&T's option though was the Rollover Data plans were only available to postpaid plan owners. Well, the good news is that it now seems this particular status quo is in the process of changing. As AT&T has today announced prepaid customers will also be able to roll over their unused data from one month to the next, from later on this week.


In the announcement, AT&T detail that GoPhone users on either the $45 or $60 plans will be able to take advantage of the same rollover features as postpaid customers. Therefore, users on either of these priced plans will be able to rollover any of their unused high-speed data allowance from one month to the next. The rolled over data will be good for the next thirty days of usage. That is, as long as they have renewed their account on time. Therefore, if you are on the 4GB $60 plan and only use half of the 4GB data in any one month, then the following month, you will receive your normal allocated 4GB plus the additional 2GB of unused data as well. In terms of when this will all effectively begin, AT&T announced from May 15th, GoPhone users will be able to roll their unused data over. If you are interested in knowing more or reading the finer details of today's announcement, then you can do so by clicking the source link below.

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