ASUS Preparing Smartwatch & Tablets For Computex


ASUS have been in the news of late thanks to a few reasons. One is that the Zenfone 2, which we recently reviewed in the 2.3 GHz quad core, 64-bit, 4 GB of RAM flavor. Another is because of somewhat disappointing sales figures for the Zenfone 2, which are driven by a shortage of the 4 GB memory modules used in the 5.5-inch model Zenfone. ASUS are confident of a strong increase in smartphone sales for 2015 to twenty-five million compared with 2014’s figures. However, today’s story is not about the ASUS smartphones but instead about their presence at the Computex show, which is right around the corner in the first week of June.

Computex Tapei, usually shortened to Computex but to use the full name of the Taipei International Information Technology Show is a computer expo held every year in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s been going for over a decade and is one of the largest computer and technology trade shows around the world. With Computex 2015 right around the corner, we’ve heard that ASUS has started inviting members of the press to their now-regular spot at Computex and in the past, we’ve seen a number of important product announcements at this trade show so it will be interesting to see what comes from this one.

The ASUS invitation reads: “Inspired by the spirit of Zen, this year we’ve created a diverse range of exciting innovations that will bring harmony and simplicity to people’s personal and professional lives.” We had already seen rumors of the Zenwatch 2 until the chairman pre-announced it at the recent ASUS earnings call, but there are persistent rumors of ASUS introducing a range of Intel Atom-powered tablets. We are optimistic that we’ll get to see these new tablets at Computex along with the Zenwatch 2. We’ve also seen how ASUS has plans to supplement the current range of Intel Atom-powered Zenfone 2 models with those containing ARM processors although we’re not sure when these will be showcased. Ultimately, until ASUS teases us with another announcement or two, we do not have so much to go on. We may also be seeing other products from ASUS, perhaps a Chromebook or inexpensive Windows laptop? When ASUS make their announcements we will let you know.