Apple Is Working On A Service To Rival Google Now

Over the years, it has been discussed if the operating system of a company is copying some features or elements from the one that some other company has created. Apple is often cited as to have created the modern smartphone with the launch of the original iPhone, and while that statement is clearly not true since there were phones with much more capabilities than that particular phone, the fluidity of its operating system as well as gathering the applications that could be installed in just one place really gave it an advantage over the phones that were available at that time. iOS was said to be 5 years ahead of its time, and for most part that came out to be true, while it started to look dated, Apple revamped the interface with iOS 7 with new notifications and more features. Android has always been really good at handling notifications and they even have made them better by allowing more interactions and while Apple had Siri as its personal assistant, Android got Google Now by the time they launched Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it wasn't so much a personal assistant even though it supported voice interaction, it was more of a system to handle relevant information.

Apple has wanted to stay away from Google as much as it can and even if they haven't been successful as when they changed from Google Maps to their own mapping solution, they seem to be trying again with a new feature. A report has emerged suggesting that Apple could be working on a similar feature to Google Now called the Proactive initiative, by showing information, users will search on Google less than they do today. It is unknown if that feature will be integrated to Spotlight or if it will replace it altogether as its location could be on the left of the Home Screen, pretty much like in the Google Now launcher.

Proactive would integrate Siri with information of Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, Apple Maps and third-party apps so you can expect reminders of appointments, flights or content based on the location of the user, all of which Google Now has been doing for quite a while. It would display news and get to know some of the user's habits, setting reminders for activities that are repeated within some timeframe. As for maps, it is said to have a kind of augmented reality mode, showing more information about the places or points of interest that are seen through the camera. As of now, most of the features are likely under development and maybe not all of them will be available when this service launches, but we will probably get to know a little more in the next WWDC on June 8.

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