Another Samsung Galaxy S6 Update Lands Today On AT&T


Updates have been shipped fast-and-furious this week to Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones around the world. In the span of six days, we've seen three separate updates rolled out: one to Europe this previous Friday to correct software-faulty mismanagement of the phone's memory, another one to Europe and also Asia yesterday containing a healthy list of bug fixes and enhancements to user experience, and now today's update on the AT&T network.

The latest update began to appear in the wild during mid-morning in the United States. Samsung Galaxy S6 users on AT&T are reporting the arrival of a 237MB payload, which is relatively large for a minor version update, and strangely has no accompanying changelog. AT&T's website likewise does not yet provide a changelog or even acknowledge the existence of the update. Nevertheless the community's desire for answers is strong, and so a collective investigation is underway to discover what exactly this update delivers. Initial reports are, well, initial reports, and consequently we don't know a whole lot for certain yet, but we'll report more about users experience as soon as the facts emerge.


What we can say with reasonable certainty, however, is that by and large the AT&T Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge users who have downloaded and installed today's update are reporting a noticeable improvement in app response times, as was also the experience reported by European users following the update most recently pushed to them earlier this week. Therefore, it seems likely that both updates integrate a common change to the way Samsung's brand of the Android operating system manages memory on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices. The update does not upgrade Android to a higher version; it maintains a 5.0.2 version number – potentially a cause for head scratching by those who pay enough attention to their device's updates to notice whenever that number is bumped up, but not an uncommon thing to witness whenever Android device manufacturers release a minor mid-cycle update. The more intriguing question to answer is why neither Samsung nor AT&T have chosen to release a changelog or post any details whatsoever regarding this significantly large update.

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