Another Meizu M2 Note Render Leaks

Meizu M2 Note leak 41

After quite some time of almost absolute silence, Meizu rumors have picked up again. We’ve seen quite a few Meizu-related rumors in the last week or so, ranging from the MX5 and M2 Note rumors and leaks, all the way to Avengers-themed Meizu handset leaks. According to the latest available info, the company might introduce their MX5 flagship a lot sooner than expected, the latest rumors said that the handset will be unveiled on June 30 alongside the M2 Note. I don’t know if you recall, but the MX4 was announced back in September 2014, so, if this rumor is true, Meizu has significantly tweaked the company’s release schedule. This might seem odd at first, but considering they have to release the MX5 Pro by the end of the year, it makes sense.

Anyhow, we’re not here to talk about the MX5, but the upcoming M2 Note mid-ranger. The M1 Note was a huge success for the company, and one of the best affordable phones out there, it still is. The M1 Note is a bargain considering the specs and performance it offers, though its availability is limited, at least officially, you can always get it through resellers though. Yesterday, a render leaked allegedly showing of the M2 Note handset. What’s interesting about that render is the fact the phone sports a physical home button below the display, similar to the MX4 Pro. The M1 Note did not offer a physical home button, but the circular capacitive home key. So, we wondered if this is the M2 Note or perhaps a new variant of the device, perhaps the M2 Note Pro? If the render is legit, Meizu has most likely decided to include a home key in the M2 Note this time around, but the two variants outcome is also possible though.

Either way, a new render has surfaced today, showing off that exact same device but from a slightly different angle and in a different color. Yesterday’s leak has showed off a white device from a side, and this time around we have a blue-colored handset here, and you can take a look at its front side. It seems like the Meizu M2 Note will resemble its predecessor a whole lot, except the physical home button, of course. The glossy plastic back cover which wraps around the sides of the device will be back it seems. We still don’t know when the company plans to release this handset, but its predecessor was announced at the end of 2014, so that might not happen for another couple of months, we’ll see.