Android Wear Gets Continuous Glucose Monitoring Thanks To Third Party Developer

May 5, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Wearables are here to stay, they are supposed to be the evolution of mobile technology, since they can be worn as accessories and incorporate a lot of sensors, thanks to the reduction in size that these components are now available in. One of the uses of these devices is to monitor some physical activities from the steps we take to the effect they and other physical activities, have on our hearts. This is obviously targeted at people concerned with their physical health, but what if wearables could help us improve other health-related concerns? For instance, diabetes is a very serious chronic disease and is one of the major causes of death among the American population. Not to mention, it can potentially affect anyone over the age of 20. There are various causes for this disease, from a lack of physical activity to a poor diet. With diabetes, insulin cannot be produced or used properly by the human body and thus causing a buildup of sugar in the blood. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is considered an effective way of alerting users when sugar levels are too high or too low. Dexcom is a company dedicated to developing technology to manage diabetes and they already offer a number of CGM systems. Recently they launched their Dexcom G4 system for the Apple Watch, which with an implant and a Bluetooth LE receiver that can monitor glucose levels every five minutes.

Now, developer Stephen Black has created two apps for Android Wear to bring this kind of functionality to the users of this operating system. xDrip is the app that lets users with the Dexcom Share receivers send data over Bluetooth and it is supposed to be easy to configure. Nightwatch is the other app that lets you receive this information directly on your smartwatch. The app lets you see the levels of blood glucose that the user had in the last 24 hours in graph form, that is both scrollable and zoomable. Plus you can customize the high and low levels of the graph as well as their respective alerts. There are also 4 watch faces to see the data in a quick glance. Some users have already been using these apps and say they work really well, so it’s nice to know that Android Wear is getting these innovative and useful features. Those interested can find out more and grab a non-Play Store download from the source link below.