Android TV: You Can Use MyBackup On The Nexus Player For App, Media And Data Backups


Android TV is still in its infancy as a platform. One of the issues with being so young is that certain aspects are limited while others nonexistent. It has already been discussed as to how limited the number of Android TV compatible apps are, compared to android in general. Thankfully, shortcuts like sideloading can make a limited and young platform a little more accessible. If you are one of the early adopters of Android TV, then chances are you own a Nexus Player. Although, the availability of Android TV is growing, one of the issues with the Nexus Player is the lack of storage available. The Nexus Player comes as standard with 8GB internal storage. As to be expected, the amount of available storage is even more limited. Well, if you are looking for a way to backup some of your data or apps to free up storage (or just to simply make sure your apps and data are safe) then this is one way you can do it,

MyBackup is one of the most popular Android backup tools available on the Play Store. One of the added benefits of MyBackup compared to some other backup tools, is that you do not have to be rooted to be able to use the app. However, at present the app does not offer support for the Nexus Player (and presumably Android TV in general). That said, this is one of the apps which can be sideloaded. To be clear though, the reason it does not list support for the Nexus Player is due to the fact that it is not optimized for the big screen. So although, it will work, it is a little problematic. Going forward, it will be assumed you know how to sideload apps to your Nexus Player. If you have yet to try sideloading or not sure how to, then you can find a step-by-step guide to sideloading apps by clicking here.


Once MyBackup is sideloaded and opened, the first thing you will notice is the familiar problem of no landscape mode. This is a common issue with sideloaded apps and the fact that they only display in portrait mode.

Android TV My Backup 24

Once you click past the disclaimer, you will see the familiar MyBackup main menu. From here, you can as normal, click on "New Backup".


Android TV My Backup 22

This will then offer the ability to backup your "Data" or "Applications & Media".

Android TV My Backup 21


After selecting either, it will also give you the opportunity to choose where you store the data, "Local" (on your Nexus Player) or via the "Cloud" (although you need a Pro version of the app and account to use the cloud feature).

Android TV My Backup 20

If choosing Applications & Media and Local storage, then you will be presented with the option to select whether you want to backup your apps, photos, music or videos. This is where the next bug will be seen. When using the remote control to navigate down the list, the tabs will not highlight. However, you will hear the click of the remote and as there are only four options, you should be able to navigate to the tab you want by counting the clicks. It is also worth noting "Select All" does not work on this page.


Once a selection has been made (in the example below, Apps), the full list of what you can backup will be available. Thankfully, this list does show highlighted tabs and you can just navigate down the list and clicking on as many items as you want. All the clicked on items will be added to the backup list.

Android TV My Backup 17


Once selected, scroll down to "OK" at the bottom of the page and click through. This will then offer you the choice to rename the file. In all honestly, you are best off leaving the name as it is. Just click back on the remote control, the on-screen keyboard will disappear and you can then move to "OK" and select.

Android TV My Backup 16

At which point, the backup will begin and you will be prompted when it has finished. At this point, you can, of course go to your ES File Explorer (you should certainly have this downloaded already) and find the file under "Rerware" and then "Backups" and from there you will be able to share the file to Drive if you want. This option will allow you to then remove the apps from your Nexus Player (and delete the backup locally if you want) and free up some space. If and when you need to restore the backup, this will work much the same way. On the MyBackup Main Menu, head to "My Backups".


Android TV My Backup 13

From here, the same screen will appear showing Applications & Media and Data. After which, you will again have to choose where the backup is stored (Local or Cloud) and then on the next page you will see your available downloads.


Click on the download and it will give you the option to either "Restore", "Delete" or "View".

If restoring, the backup will open showing you the contents inside and allow you to choose whether to install all or just individual items. Click the items to install and hit "OK".

Android TV My Backup 7

After which, the restore will begin. If the restore is app-based, then at this point you will see the familiar android install screen pop up.

Android TV My Backup 5

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