Android Pay To Reportedly Debut During Google I/O


As most of you probably already know, today is one of the biggest days for the technology world as it marks the beginning of Google I/O. Google I/O is Google's big developer conference that they hold every year. What is so special about this event and why so many Google and Android fanboys look forward to it is simply because Google unveils so many big things there every year. New apps, new products, new Google X projects, things like this are all unveiled at Google I/O. This leads to big rumors during the month leading to Google I/O and this year was definitely no exception with this latest rumor being an Android Pay unveiling.

Technically speaking, Android Pay was already unveiled to the world when Sundar Pichai talked about it during Mobile World Congress this year. But, unfortunately, Sundar revealed virtually no information pertaining to the service besides its name. The only other information Sundar gave away is that the service would work as an API layer on Android and would allow users to pay within apps as well as physically within businesses. Now though, it seems that the wait for actual information on Android Pay may be over.


Today marks the day of the biggest event at Google I/O, the main keynote. This is where all the big news gets revealed and if the latest rumors are true, where Android Pay will be talked about in some detail. Many people are hoping that this service will finally come to fruition as there is no great payment service built into Android yet. Sure, there is Google Wallet but let's face it, it's failed time and time again. The adoption of the service by companies just never seems to reach the point that it needs to, which always ultimately ends in a gigantic flop.

Later today will tell as the main keynote at Google I/O kicks off at 9:30am PT. Hopefully, there we will learn all we need to about the service and maybe even have it officially launch. What will be interesting though is seeing how Android Pay works in the same space as Google Wallet and Samsung Pay.

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