Android M Makes A Brief Appearance On I/O Schedule Before Being Pulled Again

AH GOOGLE IO 2014 144

In terms of Android news, today is already starting to look like a busy day. This is largely thanks to Google. Of course, Wednesdays are typically ‘Google days’, with a number of updates and the likes rolling out. However, on this particular Wednesday Google went and made public the schedule for their upcoming I/O 2015 event. Although, at first glance, the schedule does not reveal anything too specific (as you would expect), more deeply looking seems to suggest Google are providing a few hints as to what will be on offer (again, probably as you would expect with Google).

One of those hints which briefly emerged was a mention of “Android M”. Interestingly, the mention of M did not come as a standalone feature but instead was mentioned under an ‘Android for Work Update’, which is due to take place on May 28th (the first day of the event) at 2.30pm PST. The mention was only a slight mention but is a mention none the less, with the description reading “Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces. This opens huge new markets for hundreds of millions of devices to workers at small business, deskless workers, logistics and warehousing jobs; all be empowered by adoption of Android devices at Work“. You may notice that the mentioning is being referred to in the past tense. Well, that is because, the page seems to have already been pulled again by Google. As such, the question remains as to whether this was supposed to be announced or is a mistake.

For those unfamiliar with Android M, this is largely expected to be the next version of Android. Although, some users may think it is a little early for a new version of Android and especially those who have not yet received their Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update, then it is worth pointing out that by the time I/O rolls around, Lollipop will actually be a year old (at least in terms of its announcing). Not to mention, even before Lollipop was announced, references to M had already begun circulating. The source link below is a direct link to the page in which the mention did originally appear…just in case it does make a show again.