Android M Default Clock APK Available To Download

Nexus 6 Android M AH 1

On Thursday, Google took to the stage to present their keynote presentation at their annual Google I/O event. As to be expected, there were a number of announcements that came from the presentation with some big ones likes the launch of their new photo service, Google Photos and the fact that you can now upload unlimited (size dependent) number of image to Google Photos for free. Of course, the biggest announcement came almost immediately after the presentation started, with Google unveiling the next evolutionary stage in the android operating system, Android M.

It has been long rumored that Android M would be unveiled at the show and as such the anticipation was high as to what the announcement would bring. As well as the overall announcement, the developer preview was also released on the same day offering those who own a Nexus device the opportunity to test run the latest software, in an early and unfinished develop state of course. Since the unveiling of M, various reports have been emerging detailing what is included in the next update and these have included the likes of a split keyboard on tablets as well as advanced permission control. In addition to the features that have been noted there has also been items pulled from the date so that you can install them without having the entire Preview installed on your device. These have included the wallpapers and a selection of ringtones along with the alarms, notifications and other sounds.

Well, it now seems that the default Clock app from the M preview has also now been pulled and is available to download. For the most part, the app does not seem to be too dissimilar from that on Lollipop although one interesting addition is that it seems you can preset when the working week will start. Therefore, if you are not on the typical Mon-Fri working week and would rather your alarm for the working week be set to start on a Sunday or a Saturday, you now can. If you would like to give the app a try now, then you can download the APK from the link below.

Android M Clock APK