Android Headliner: Will LG's G4 Be A Success Or A Letdown To Consumers?

LG recently, last week to be exact, officially announced their upcoming flagship device for the 2015 calendar year known as the LG G4. Many of the features found on last year's LG G3 have been upgraded and improved, but will these changes make for a successful launch of the device or will the G4 end up a disappointing offering from LG? It will be impossible to know this early since the device hasn't officially gone on sale anywhere but South Korea, but there are certain aspects which could lead users to pick a different smartphone over the LG G4. There are also some intriguing features of the device which give LG's latest a potentially promising run.

LG's use of premium treated leather will no doubt turn heads and garner some attention, and for those that really love leather as an addition to electronics, it may even be enough to sway a decision to buy. Reports from some users, us included, believe the leather combined with LG's "slim arc" design of the phone makes for a nice comfortable feel and grip when using the device, but the leather is merely one element to LG's new phone and provides little functional enhancement when compared to the new camera changes. LG has more of a focus on providing users with a more exceptional picture taking experience this time around, and it shows with how much they've been highlighting features like RAW image capture and the wider f1.8 aperture for better low-light images. Will it be enough though to compete with other devices?

So the camera and the design have both been improved upon last year's model, but what about the screen? This is an area where LG makes another strong argument for quality, stating the new Quad-HD Quantum IPS display provides a 25% brighter visual experience and 20% more accurate color range, making images on the phone look better as well as anything else you might do with the phone whether it be web browsing, watching videos or playing games. Design, screen, and camera are all important factors in a high-end device, but so is the processor and this is one area where LG could be facing a little more of a hurdle on their road to device success. Their decision to use the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 has given off underwhelming benchmark scores compared to even last year's Galaxy Note 4 which is powered by a Snapdragon 805, and while benchmarks aren't as important as real-world performance stats, they give some idea of what users can expect and shouldn't be dismissed entirely. Battery life is another important area, and LG may have come equipped to provide users with a great battery life experience as they have implemented the same 3,000mAh battery, but how long it actually lasts compared to other devices in the same range remains to be seen. If it's anything like the LG G3 in terms of longevity, users will probably be happy.

The device also has no support for the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, which is a shame, but again, the battery likely charges rather quickly as did the on LG G3 before it, so this may not be too much of a setback for consumers. Whether or not LG's G4 will be more laden with "pros" than "cons" is still unclear, but for the moment it may yet shape up to be a pretty great device.

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