Android Game Of The Week: Seabeard

By Justin Diaz May 14, 2015, 5:46pm
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Pull up your bootstraps and hold onto your hats land lubbers', Seabeard from Backflip studios is here to take you on an adventure over the high seas. All jokes aside, if you love adventure type games Seabeard might be worth looking into. The graphics and a little bit of the gameplay take on a feel Windwaker, which should bring automatic enjoyment to fans of that particular game. Seabeard actually has quite a bit of exploration throughout as you'll be able to sail from island to island as you progress, and on each island there will be a series of different tasks or as I like to think of them, Quests, for you to complete so you can move onto the next area.

Much of the game will have you following the story of a descendant of the legendary Seabeard. While there is some light story to follow here this won't be a game you likely play for the complex lore. While the dialogue is funny at times, Seabeard shines with the many different activities you can engage in and by allowing players to progress through the game the way they want to. As you explore different lands on your adventure there will be elements of combat almost like an action rpg where you encounter monsters from time to time, but also some elements of builder type games where you can build up a town and perfect your skills as a cook.

Very early on you'll even engage in what feels like elements of a runner style game as you make off for your first voyage. You'll be able to control your ship, dodge obstacles and get rid of various foes in your path as you make way to a certain island that's part of the main story. There are all sorts of characters to meet and engage with in-game and there is no shortage of activities to keep any player busy like fishing, more sailing, more combat, and more cooking just to name a few things. From time to time you'll encounter Zelda-style dungeons, and there are some fun little multiplayer aspects as you can play and explore with friends. There's definitely a good amount of stuff in this game to keep anyone occupied, and you can play at a snails pace or you can rush through to start becoming a legend and make yourself known, but there's no feeling of requirement to rush through stuff which is great. Seabeard is a free title and there are IAP's included, but they're completely optional and they don't seem to hinder the game at all.

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May 14, 2015, 5:46pm
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