Android Game news Weekly May 21st: Zombies, Run!, Humble Mobile Bundle, Taichi Panda, SEGA, And More


It's a new week which means new games and gaming related updates. This week we're focusing on the new Humble Mobile Bundle as well as the second major update to Taichi Panda, with a few quick hits at the end worthy of mentioning.

Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle Is LiveHumble Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundle is great for picking up a whole slew of games for cheap when these bundles are thrown together. This time around the mobile bundle is putting the focus on adventure titles with puzzle and hidden item elements baked in, giving gamers an Artifex Mundi bundle of nine different games to grab. With this particular bundle there are three games which you can pick up by paying whatever you want, which includes Deadly Puzzles, Time Mysteries 1, and Clockwork Tales. If you pay the average amount which is currently at the time of writing sitting at $5.96, you'll unlock four more titles which include Demon Hunter, Grim Legends, Time Mysteries 2 and Time Mysteries 3. The last two games can be unlocked by paying at least $9. These two games are Grim Legends 2 and Enigmatis 2. Normally there are other future games that get added into the bundle at a later date which are automatically unlocked if you pay the average amount, so look out for those in the week ahead as Humble Bundle may add some more games in. There is still a little under eleven days left to grab this bundle which leaves plenty of time for it to jump up some more in price, so if you like adventure/puzzle/hidden item type games, grab it while you can for as low as you can.


Taichi Panda Gets Second Major Update With New ContentAH Taichi Panda-1

Taichi Panda just received its second major update yesterday which brings along new content as well as plenty of fixes and improvements to make the game experience smoother for players. It's called The Ascension update, and along with content that's been added into the game, Snail Games had raised the level cap to 90 for players, which will come along with new gear including weapons, armor, and items to match the new higher level. There are also new outfits and a new equipment discovery system that players can utilize to raise the quality of their gear and make it more powerful.

There are also a couple of new chapters added in, 13, and 14, which comes along with new story quests as well as new bosses to fight and new levels to explore. To improve the quality of team instances, Snail Games has added in the auto-attack mode for those that were wanting it, and the UI has been "retouched" and "optimized" to improve the overall gameplay experience. There is also a new Mega Boss Team Mode which should prove to be a worthy challenge for seasoned Taichi Panda players, so if you've got the gear and the guile, test your skills along with some other players and try to beat Nemeus. There are also some new pets, so if you like collecting things in games this should be a welcomed addition along with everything else. Taichi Panda is free and the update should be live for everyone now, and if you've yet to check it out you'll be able to start things off with all the new content in place.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Gaming Quick Hits

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