Android Game News May 7th Edition: Humble Mobile Bundle, Portal Pinball, Snake Rewind, Angry Birds Fight


Humble Mobile Bundle 12 Arrives Featuring Monument ValleyHumble Mobile Bundle 12

Humble Bundle has their latest Humble Mobile Bundle pack of games up, and as it arrived this week you still have plenty of time to get in on the great deals that lie within. As with every other humble bundle you can pay what you want for some awesome games. In Humble Mobile Bundle 12, you can pay whatever you want for The Last Express, Spaceteam, and Tilt To Live 2, but if you pay the average amount you'll also unlock a few more games which like Monument Valley, Blek, and Joe Danger. Paying the average, which at the time of writing sits at $3.86, you'll also unlock any future games added to the bundle which usually happens after about a week.

Valve Teams Up With Zen Studios On Portal Pinball TablePortal Pinball-2

Do you like Portal? Do you live for the action and nostalgia found in Pinball games? Then you will love the fact that Zen Studios is teaming up with Valve to bring you a Portal Pinball table at the end of this month. Visuals are striking and there is a ton of memorable Portal stuff, and the table will hit on May 25th if this is a must grab for you. If you're looking forward to it, it will be an IAP through the actual Zen Pinball HD which you can grab in the Play Store.

Snake Rewind Brings Back Addictive Madness This MonthSnake Rewind

If you grew up with a bar style Nokia device as your first cell phone, you know Snake. Many people spent countless hours trying to best their friends high scores, and for all it's worth sometimes they actually managed to do it. Snake is bringing back all that addictive madness on May 14th with Snake Rewind, a collaboration between the original Snake creator and Rumilus Design. This reboot comes with updated modern visuals, 10 levels and lots of fun.


Rovio Launches Angry Birds Fight In Some RegionsAngry Birds Fight

Rovio is back with another Angry Birds themed game, this time it's called Angry Birds Fight and is centered around the match3 genre. It's currently only out in some Asia Pacific countries like Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. If you live in one of those areas the game is already live in the Play Store.