Android How To: Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If you're a proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you'll want to get the most out of the device that you possibly can. This means you should consider customizing it and making use of the edge parts of the display as the edge is likely part of the reason you bought it. While it may not be a necessity for all, the edges actually have more than a few functions which can be useful in their own way, and they may even become invaluable to you in the future after extended use.

If you're looking to customize the edges to use them to their full capacity, you'll need to choose which edge you want to use first as only one edge is operable at a time. All this means is you'll have to choose the edge which you find most comfortable. The good news is that this choice isn't permanent so you can always move things to the opposite edge if you ever want to. Once you have the edge picked out, you can start to customize the edge with things like the edge lighting, which lights up the edge of the screen you've chosen whenever you get phone calls with the screen facing down. The screen will light up with notifications too, and it can light up in different colors, which brings us to the next function of the edge screen which is people edge. With People

With People Edge, you can set five contacts essentially as favorites which you can access from the edge part of the screen. Swiping inward from whatever edge you chose to work with reveals the contacts you've picked with their assigned color coding. This is where the edge lighting comes in, as the edge will light up with colors specific to those contacts when you have notifications or calls coming in from those people. People Edge also serves as quick access to call or message these people without having to open up the dialer or the messaging app. If you've missed notifications from any of these contacts in People Edge, the next time you pick up the phone you'll be alerted to their existence.

In addition to providing you with the knowledge of who is calling should they be one of your People Edge contacts, People Edge and Edge Lighting pair for another feature which is perfect for times when you aren't able to answer incoming calls. Quick reply/rejections. Should someone from your People Edge contacts list try to call you, you can simply reject the call and send them a preconfigured quick reply just by placing your finger over the heart rate sensor on the back of the device. You'll want to have People Edge, Edge Lighting, and the quick replies configured of course before this will work, but once you have things set up it's an easy way to reject calls when you're not available without having to pick up the device. You can also configure what types of missed notifications you see from your People Edge contacts, whether you want it to be all notifications or just missed calls. You can access this from the Edge Screen menu in settings, then tap on notifications to toggle on/off which ones you want to be shown.

The Edge also serves as your information hub for notifications that could normally show up in the status bar up top. So things like sports scores, stock ticks, etc. can be displayed along the Edge without having to power on your actual display, helping you conserve battery life where you can but still stay up to date on incoming details. You can configure the Edge to display missed calls and messages/emails, but you can also manage your feeds to display details here too as well as weather information. Tired of turning on your display to check the time? Use the edge as a desk/alarm clock display for night time. Under Edge screen turn on night clock to see the time, date, and battery details when the screen is off.

The edges may be a big focus of this device, but it isn't the only thing you can customize on it. You can personalize things with the new theme engine Samsung has implemented along with the device, as well as change out the fonts for most of the text throughout the system UI which has been a popular feature on many devices in Samsung's lineup of smartphones. Themes will be located inside of its own menu in phone settings while font size and font type are located under the display menu. Like the past couple of Samsung devices, you can also utilize Samsung's built-in configurations for extending and saving battery life using Ultra Power Saving Mode, or just Power Saving Mode if you won't be too far out from being able to charge the device. Lastly, what might be your first stop in the personalization process for your new Galaxy S6 Edge is the homscreen, and there are really almost no limits here. You can tweak how many homescreen pages you want to see, what order they're in, and how they look with things like the theme, icon packs, or just your standard changeable wallpapers. Use your imagination here or just set things up to be the most convenient.


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