Android Based Poker Compatibility Is Growing, But Still Has Room To Grow In The Future

May 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Online casinos have quickly become a mainstream trend in the online world. In fairness, the high level of online casino user adoption, is not that surprising. While before, those interested in casinos would have to make their way to their nearest casino to find a seat at the poker table, online casinos offer a much more relaxed and ready-when-you-are experience for the end user. That said, more recently, online casinos seem to be only the first step in what is clearly a digital casino revolution and especially for those who are part of the online poker community.

With a seemingly unstoppable and constantly increasing number of android devices arriving each year, the next step in the revolution of online poker, seems almost certain to be an android based one. While the current online poker experience does offer the user a play whenever you want experience, it does not offer a play wherever you want option. This is where android devices are more likely to make an impact on the industry going forward. With current android devices consistently seeing upgrades in their processing capabilities, as well upgrades in their display resolution and screen sizes, they are quickly becoming the next obvious choice for those looking to play poker as a more on-the-go type of service.

That said and in spite of what seems to be the next platform already here and ready to be utilized, the compatibility for android users to make use of an android optimized poker experience is still too limited. Unfortunately, very few poker sites offer apps for Android devices. This seems to be, in particular, more of an issue for U.S. poker sites, with a very limited number of Android compatible options currently on offer. Of course, this is likely to change in the future. With more and more poker players preferring the option to play when they want and where they want, poker sites will respond to the demand by making their content more android device oriented. As such, the level of android compatibility will continue to be an increasing major outlet for online poker players and the online poker playing world as a whole, going forward.