Android App Updates – May 22nd, 2015: Imgur, AllCast and More


Telegram updates to v2.9

This week, another up and coming messenger app, Telegram got a pretty nice update to version 2.9. It brought in custom stick sharing as well as Android Auto support. So now you can see your messages on Android Auto, as well as reply to them while you're driving. Which is just plain amazing.

Motorola Camera Gets updated with Manual Exposure



This week, Motorola's Camera app that is available for all of Motorola's smartphones except for the Nexus 6, got updated. It wasn't a huge update, in fact the only real feature it brought to us was manual exposure. You can pick it up from the Google Play Store.

AllCast Goes Material

Screenshot 2015-05-22 08.22.23

AllCast, our favorite app for throwing stuff onto our TV's, got a nice update this week. It went completely material design, and boy does it look great. It had already had partial material design included, but now it's got even more.


New Imgur for Android App coming on June 2nd

Do you use Imgur? Well there's a brand new version of the Android app coming out on June 2nd, according to their Android team. Who happened to tease the update on – guess where? – Imgur. The update looks really great, and I think everyone's gonna love it.

Facebook Messenger Gets updated

Google Messenger AH


Facebook updated their Messenger app this week. So now it'll show you background info on strangers and people you don't talk to often. Not sure how everyone's going to feel about this update in regards to privacy.

QuizUp Brings Big Update

QuizUp, the popular trivia game on Android and iOS, got a pretty big update this week. It brings Tinder-like swiping, as well as a slew of new graphics for the game. So it looks even better, especially on QHD displays like the LG G4, Galaxy S6 and others.

Adobe Shutting down their Photoshop Touch App

adobe_photoshop_touch_app_screenshot_google play


It appears that Adobe is shutting down their Photoshop Touch app next week. Not a big surprise, as most people don't use it. For starters you need to have a Creative Cloud account to really use the app, and most would rather edit photos on their computer – which I don't blame them.