Android App Updates – May 1st, 2015: Instagram, Google Messenger, The Score and More!


Instagram gets new Filters

This week, Instagram updated their app to bring in some new filters, as well as emojis in hashtags. Not a huge update, but a pretty interesting one. Especially since everyone loves filters these days. Instagram also forgot to renew their SSL certificate this week, so if you were unable to reach their site this week, that was why.

Evernote changes up their plans a bit

AH Evernote-1


Evernote decided to make their "Plus" subscription a bit cheaper this week. Additionally, they've made their premium subscription have the ability to have unlimited note uploads.

"This is where you'll familiarize yourself with Evernote, install it on multiple devices, define your organizational style, and establish a workflow. You'll learn, explore, and grow in this tier. Stay here as long as you like. When you're ready, check out our more advanced levels."

Google Messenger Updated

Google Messenger AH


Google updated their Messenger app this week. This is their open sourced messaging or SMS app that comes standard on Nexus devices. The update brought a Quick Reply feature – which we've been begging for, for years – as well as a brand new widget for the app.

theScore Updates their eSports app


Their eSports app was updated this week to bring in Dota 2 stats. And the update is now available on both Google Play and Apple's App Store. If you happen to have an iPhone, they also brought support for the Apple Watch in this update.


Plex Music Updated

Plex Music was also updated this week. The update brings in Mood playlists, Vevo music videos and much more! Plex music is definitely a great tool for those that have their own library of music instead of relying on other services like Spotify, or iHeartRadio or any of the other streaming services that are available out there.

VLC for Android hits v1.3.2


In this update for VLC, we have background video playback. About time right? We also get some visual enhancements within the app. That makes the UI even nicer looking and easier to use. Both are win/win for the user. The update is available now over on the Google Play Store.