Android App Updates – May 15th, 2015: Nova Launcher, HTC Zoe and More!


NYT Now Drops Subscription

The New York Times News digest app, NYT Now, got a pretty decent update this week. For one, they dropped their subscription. Instead they are looking for brand sponsors instead. So instead of paying for the NYT Now, you'll be seeing some ads. Not too bad.

BitTorrents Private Messaging App leaves Alpha


BitTorrent has a private messaging app known as Bleep. It's been in alpha for quite a while, but this week the Alpha tag was removed and the app also got a few new features. You can pick it up in the Play Store!

Nova Launcher v4.0 Goes Stable


This week, Nova Launcher went stable on its v4.0 release. Which is completely material design, and very fast and fluid. I've been using it on the Galaxy S6 for the past few days and it's pretty darn good. There's still a few things in the settings that need to be fixed up, especially in the "Look & Feel" as they've moved around the icon size to other parts of settings, so the icon size in the Look & Feel is broken, basically.


Google Drive for Android Gets updated


One of the few Google apps to get updated this week was Drive. It was a relatively small update as well. Basically bringing in some performance improvements, as expected with any update. As well as improved PDF enhancements. The update is rolling out slowly, as these staged rollouts typically do. But you'll be able to grab it from the Google Play Store.

HTC's Zoe App gets Chromecast Support

HTC Zoe App AH


A bunch of apps got Chromecast support this week, and that includes HTC Zoe. You may remember Zoe from the original HTC One back in 2013. They are basically clips that are made up of videos and/or photos you've shot on your device. They are pretty neat, actually.

Hulu Updates for Chromecast as Well

AH Chromecast

Hulu has had Chromecast support for a while, but they've gotten a recent update that improves Chromecast support. Now it will support auto-play from Hulu. So that it will keep playing more episodes of your favorite show without you needing to do anything at all. Which is pretty darn cool and useful actually.