Android App Updates for May 8th, 2015: WeMo, Feedly, Snapchat and More!


WeMo's update brings IFTTT Support

The connected home, IFTTT is a big part of that actually. With the latest update of the Belkin WeMo app for their smart devices – light bulbs, outlets and much more – you can now use IFTTT to create recipes for your WeMo devices. Which is actually pretty slick. This means you can do things like automate when your lights come on, when they dim, when they go out, and so much more.

Feedly v27 Rolling out

Screenshot 2015-05-08 08.20.40


This week, Feedly updated their app to version 27. The update brings a slew of new bug fixes, but the most important part of the update for a lot of us, is the fact that there is now Google Now integration. So that Feedly will begin popping up in your Google Now on your smartphone or tablet. Which is pretty sweet.

New Snapchat Update let's you share Snaps from discovery

Screenshot 2015-05-08 08.22.19

Discovery is that new-ish feature that Snapchat unveiled a few months ago where brands can basically advertise in the app. But most of us don't see it as ads. Well now those Snaps that are in Discovery can be shared with the latest Snapchat update. In addition, the latest update now allows you to zoom into videos, which is pretty handy as well.


LoopPay updates Android App and Card Firmware


So LoopPay is another mobile payment solution. We actually saw Samsung buy them recently. The update to the app includes better Bluetooth support as well as support for gift cards and branded credit cards. Which is always a big plus.

YouTube Creator Studio Goes Material

Screenshot 2015-05-08 08.25.55


The latest version of the YouTube Creator Studio, that's v1.3, has gone material. But more than that. You can also view the traffic sources to your videos through the app, which is pretty important. Especially if a video of yours just suddenly blows up with traffic, you can see where it actually came from. It's a great looking app and a great tool for YouTube Creators.

HTC Lock Screen Gets Updated


HTC's Lock Screen that's in the Play Store just recently got updated, and now brings Lollipop-style notifications to your lock screen. The update also brings full-screen album art, and much more. You can download it on the Play Store. Obviously this is only for HTC devices.