AH Weekly Poll: What Was Most Exciting About Google I/O 2015?

May 29, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google I/O has just about come and gone, and as the event wraps up developers and Android enthusiasts alike will be heading back to their hotels and packing up to travel back home. To some, this year’s event may not have been as exciting as past events, but nonetheless there were still some exciting things to take in. Android Pay, the developer preview of Android M, and a handful of new Android M related features were announced and discovered. The next few weeks and months will only see that excitement grow as we begin to see some of these Android software features, services, and applications make their way into users hands.

A couple of things which users already have access to are the newly released Google Photos application which comes with a revamped version of Auto Awesome called “Assistant,” as well as a new drag-to-select-all feature and unlimited free storage for photos and videos. Users also have access to the developer preview of Android M, (as mentioned above) which had a few features discussed during the keynote speech with many more being uncovered as the days have gone on. Google I/O also saw new things from ATAP including new advancements in wearable technology with Projects Jacquard and Soli, and Google announced a range of new things from kid friendly Play Store categories and an app/game rating system to a classroom-oriented program for Cardboard called “Expeditions.” With everything you’ve seen from Google I/O this year, what was the most exciting?

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