AH Weekly Poll: What Do You Think Android M Will Be Called

May 8, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Earlier on this week Google released the schedule for the upcoming I/O developer conference taking place in a few weeks, and inside tons of details about most of the sessions could be found so people can start to plan their days and agendas around what’s happening and what is most important to them. If you missed seeing it when the schedule went live on the Google I/O 2015 website, you can check it all out currently.

It may still be a few weeks out but based on the schedule it looks like there will be plenty to see and do at the conference this year ranging across all different kinds of topics like gaming, what’s new in Android, Chrome and plenty of others. In one of the session descriptions which was focused on the topic of Android for Work, there was a mention of Android M, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system. The session descriptions was quickly removed but not before a couple screenshots were taken showing that it was indeed once there. Now the question has arisen as to what people think the next Android version will be called. As with all previous versions, this one will take on the name of a dessert which starts with the letter of the version Google is currently on, in this case, M. Suggestions are already mounting with some actually sounding pretty logical, and others not so much. So our question to you, is what do you think Android M will be called?

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